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With our headquarters in Vienna and our digitalization, automation and future oriented solutions, we made it our goal to support small and medium-sized companies with our experience as IT experts through developing, consulting, implementation and maintenance.


GuTeS SET provides you with an all-in-one merchandise management system. An ERP system is used to support the resource planning of the entire company. For this purpose, it integrates a variety of business applications and operational data that are processed and stored in a central database. Manage your business more easily and efficiently from enquiry to delivery. The ERP system allows us to implement various changes according to your wishes and preferences


Mailarchiva is a popular email archiving and email discovery server for businesses. It allows you to find your archived emails at high speed and increase your productivity. You can archive calendars, contacts and folders with a variety of email services, including MS Exchange and Office 365. In addition, you can save up to 60% on storage costs. GuTeS SET installs and configures according to individual wishes and preferences.

Password Manager

GuTeS SET provides a secure, flexible and customized password manager. The password manager is designed to help centralize, organize and share credentials securely. Password Synchronization between Browsers and Devices with real time sharing. Supported by OpenPGP, it is 100% asymmetric and end-to-end secured. The goal we pursue is to combine control, productivity and security in an elegant and collaborative application.

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